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We Know

An original i wrote! Listen to it and lemme know what ya’ll think!! :))

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YO.  yo.

well since everybody seems to be “oooh it’s the end of the world”. i made a beat called May Day.  currently dancing to it so..yeah.  least i’ll die dancing i guess.

it’s been nice knowing ya’ll.

lemme know what ya’ll think.


Heart on A Leash!  An original song about…your heart being on a leash lol.

cover on maroon 5’s she will be loved!  :)

excuse my scrubbiness… :/

"It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along"

Instrumental now on soundcloud.  Download away if you want it!  :D

thanks for listening :)


Feel Again OneRepublic - Nathan Cuevas Ukulele Cover

Feel Again - OneRepublic

New song from one of my favorite bands! :D

Hope you enjoy.

And don’t forget to pick up their new single on august 27th!

Young Homie Cover.  

Great song, so i decided to cover it. Thanks Chris Rene for an awesome tune. :)

What you call flaws. Is perfection. What you hate. Is what I love. Who you are. Is beautiful. When you’re ‘ugly.’ Is pretty. Yolo. Carpe diem.


old video found on my phone. i was boredaf so. yeah.  travie mccoy’s need you, sorry for the lame audio, it was recorded with my phone.

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Original song I’m working on! Entitled "With You." The Instrumental is DONE!  But i have yet to put lyrics to the music!

this song is dedicated to @pangie. :D

hope you guys like it!  let me know whatchu think! :)

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