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old video found on my phone. i was boredaf so. yeah.  travie mccoy’s need you, sorry for the lame audio, it was recorded with my phone.

navy life.  i think i’m gonna like it! :)

So this is their offspring?

Fourth of July.

Forget the old boring traditional canopy with tents.

Instead camp out by creating a living room.  Yes, a fucking living room.

Why settle for less comfort - when you can get the best, just like home?

Craigslist is your friend for finding free couches.  Don’t forget to disinfect!  (that rhymes!)

And not to mention the best firework display. Share the firework display with that significant other while both enjoying the comfort of home.


Is fun! Had fun with my co-host, my cousin, Justin!

If you are reading this, you should totally tune in our broadcasts next time! Entertainment fo yo eyes! :D

Lehgo! itsnathanC! :)

Omegle, Chat Roulette, Etc. aka Serenading Strangers

Okay you get one of these FOUR common things:

1.  Pen15.

2.  Person who flicks you off.

3.  Person who wants you to show your body.  (let’s just leave it at that)

4.  Person who actually want a conversation.

Tonight, I encountered all of these.  However, #4 is really an amazing experience!  Yeah I know.  Stranger danger.  But believe it or not, there are some people online who are actually pretty cool and want to have a normal (dare i say) AIMSkype-esque chat. 

Serenading strangers even when singing off key will only make their day/night better.  Plus it’s fun as hell.

Music ftw.

Ain’t nothing like those summer nights!

I love having good ass motherfucking company with me!  That’s all that matters!  Honestly, at the end of the day/night (whatever applies) you’ll see!

If you’re reading this, and you’re spending your summer with people you care for and that care for you back - well then, Summer is just fine and dandy.  No need for fancy trips that cost a leg! 

Do more of what makes YOU happy. 

Random blog post is random, but take my 2 cents!  :D 

me and @jusjessicaaa doing a cover on justin bieber’s ft. jessica jarrell overboard!  amazing collab with this girl right hurr.    support!  subscribe!  like it!  share it!  love it!  etc!

stay tuned!  i’m working on an original,  exclusively for the ukulele!  :D

I was taking a photo of my friend, until…wait…what is that?

Black and Yellow Cover.  Variations.  Just messin’ on the keys!

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